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Reintegration Services

URC has a long history of operating institutions, providing/coordinating social services for at risk populations, including many individuals involved in the criminal justice system, and has a successful track record in providing education, job readiness and job placement services.  URC was awarded a contract in 2013 and again in 2016 with the NJDOC and have reached all required benchmarks.  Urban currently operates two male facilities.  Both programs became accredited by the ACA Performance-Based Standards for Adult Community Residential Services (4th Edition).

Through its experience URC understands the needs of the vast majority of individuals who are incarcerated that are returning to the community.  To insure successful re-entry after incarceration an individual must have:

  • Employment, vocational training and/or education that prepares one for employment
  • A safe and secure living environment
  • Appropriate behavioral health and physical health services
  • A nutritious, consistent diet
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Wraparound social support services to prepare the inmate for a mainstream lifestyle.

URC recognizes that the primary purpose of a Level 3 Work Release Program is employment and/or preparation for employment through education.  As such, a key feature of our offering is the utilization of our Urban Recycling and Training Center (URTC) facility in Kearny, NJ.  The URTC, which is described in greater detail below, is a multi-faceted program that integrates job training, job placement, education and life skills programs.


Our mission is to insure public safety and reduce crime by enhancing the quality of life for individuals returning to the community from incarceration. The mission is realized by providing comprehensive services and supervision, in collaboration with state and local partners that will create positive, permanent behavioral change and reduce recidivism.






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