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Urban Renewal Corp.

Job Description

POSITION TITLE: Deputy Director
PROGRAM: Residential Community Release
REPORTS TO: Program Director
DATE APPROVED BY HR: July 10, 2017
Rev: July 10, 2017


The Deputy Director is responsible for the daily management and operations of services at the URC corrections program. Management of the residential community release programs shall be in accordance with the goals, philosophy, policies and procedures of Urban Renewal Corp. and NJ Department of Corrections.


A Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Social Work or a related field and two years of transferable experience with increasing responsibility and supervisory oversight. A Master’s Degree is preferred.

This position requires the ability to manage, train, and supervise staff in the delivery of resident services to meet regulatory and agency standards.

This position requires a demonstrated ability to implement program plans and models to meet resident and program goals.

A combination of the following skills and abilities: supervision, property management, budget control, advocacy, resource and program development, public relations and case management.

The ability to navigate, the organization’s management information system (SecurManage) at an advanced level is necessary.

This position requires a valid drivers’ license and the availability to work a changeable schedule including nights, weekends and holidays.


1. Supervise all program staff.
2. Maintain the facility in accordance with licensing and program standards.
3. Manage controllable facility costs.
4. Maintain effective resident services in compliance with Urban Renewal Corp., State and Federal licensing standards.
5. Ensure Urban Renewal Corp’s Program Services’ Policies are met.
6. Facilitate weekly case management meetings.
7. Advocate for residents as needed and facilitate weekly resident government meetings.
8. Ensure implementation of services meets requirements of funding sources.
9. Develop and maintain positive relationships with outside agencies/community organizations.
10. Ensure staff is properly trained.
11. Handle emergencies in accordance with established policies and procedures.
12. Function as a case manager whenever there is a vacant case manager position.
13. Provision of 24/7 on-call consultation and support.
14. Perform other functions as directed.


1. To meet project goals and objectives.
2. To continually maintain and improve resident services.
3. To continually maintain compliance with state and federal mandates and regulations.
4. To operate within budget guidelines.
5. To continually maintain a well-trained and professional staff.
6. To maintain facilities to meet the needs of the programs and residents.
7. To maintain a positive public image and relationship with outside agencies/community organizations.